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Privacy Statement

About the collection, processing and use of your personal data (Data Protection Provision and cookies).

We consider the trust you place in us to handle your data properly an important requirement for the success of our online offer. We therefore attach great importance to data privacy. The collection, processing (comprised of storage, change, transmission, locking and deleting) and use of your personal data takes place exclusively in compliance with applicable data protection laws.

We would like to briefly explain to you our principles on the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the following:

1. Collecting, processing and use of personal data

Personal data is information on a person's identity, such as name, address, date of birth and e-mail address.

1.1. When using our online offer in general

As a rule, no personal data is collected, processed or used when you use our online offer.

1.2. When using services

Personal data is collected when you supply it to us at your own discretion. We process and use this data to the extent necessary to provide the relevant service.
The following lists a few examples in which we collect, process and use personal data:

  • Enabling use of the online game
    To enable you to use the online game, in particular to download the game client and to perform update installations for the online game, we will utilize personal data (in particular your IP address) insofar as re-quired to enable you to use the online game. The game’s server-side software and patches are operated by Rizen LLC., 141009, Olimpijskij pr-t, str. 10, pom.10, Moscow Region, Mytishhi, Russian Federation, on servers located in the United States and/or Europe. Rizen may upload processor, operating system, video card, sound card and memory information from your computer to analyze and optimize game experience, improve and maintain the game. In case you request any technical support, we would like to notify you that our Game Master Support will gain access to your account on the technical platforms and servers of the game in order to take the necessary steps for purposes of your support and debugging.
  • Competitions
    If you decide to take part in our competitions, we will ask you to supply your name and date of birth, your e-mail address, your telephone number and/or your postal address, notably to inform you in the event you won, and to ensure that each entrant to the competition only enters once.
  • Ordering content/information (e.g. by newsletter)
    As part of our online offer, in several places we give you the option to let us inform you of interesting offers and news via all kinds of channels (e-mail, telephone and/or SMS/MMS). For example, if you subscribed to one of our newsletters, the requested newsletter will be delivered to your e-mail address at regular intervals. As part of registering for a newsletter, you may have the option to provide further information about yourself, for instance if you would like to receive a birthday surprise. We will then process and use the information you supplied for this purpose. Should you no longer be interested in receiving particular information or offers, or no longer wish to receive the information or offers via a particular channel, please notify us in an e-mail to We will comply with your request in 7 days. You can also write to the abovementioned address if you wish to revoke your consent to the collection, processing and use of your personal data in the future. In this case we will immediately delete any and all data on you that we have stored. Please understand that for technical or organisational reasons your revocation may coincide with the use of your information in a campaign that is already in progress.
  • Personalised services
    If you use services that require you to register, we will collect, process and use your data required by the said services to make these services available to you.

2. Collection, processing and use of usage data

Usage data is information that you do not actively supply, and that can be collected passively while you navigate a website.
When you visit our online offer we store the domain name or IP address of the requesting computer, the client's file request (file name and URL), the HTTP response code, the Internet page from which you are visiting us, as well as the date and duration of your visit for a period of four (4) working days. We store this information for the purpose of identifying bugs or exploits of our online offer and our telecommunication services/facilities, insofar as they are required to establish further connections and/or for billing purposes. We do not analyse your usage data to create personal usage profiles if you have not expressly agreed to such use. In the event of bugs or exploits we reserve the right to file a complaint with law enforcement agencies. We will not use or disclose your usage data to third parties beyond this extent.

3. Use of cookies

What are cookies?
A cookie is a small text file that servers temporarily store on the hard drive of a user when they visit a website. If a server is accessed again, the browser sends the cookie received earlier back to the server. The server can analyse the information received through this procedure in different ways.

What do we use cookies for?
When a user visits a website of our online offer, cookies are sent to the user's browser and stored on the user's hard disk. Those cookies are used to make our website more user friendly, effective and secure. The cookies do not contain any personal data or information about you, making it impossible for us to identify you with the information obtained with the cookies. The information that we obtain is used only for the purpose of compiling statistics on the use of our online offer. This enables us to customise our online offer to your requirements in the best possible way and make surfing our online offer as easy as possible for you. Beyond this we also use cookies to enable you to see the content of your shopping basket across different webpages, for example. Should you activate auto login, the relevant page on our online offer would place a cookie with your registration data so as to recognise you when you use it in future, making it unnecessary for you to login again. You may deactivate auto login at any time, once you have activated it.

How do third parties employ cookies and so-called web beacons on our online offer?
As part of our online offer we use Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc., USA ("Google"). Google Analytics uses cookies which enable us to analyse your usage of our online offer. The information about your usage of our online offer (including your IP address) that is generated by the cookies is sent to a server of Google in Europe or a member country of the Convention of the European Economic Area on the Anonymisation of IP addresses, excluding the possibility of associating the information with any particular person. Only after the IP address has been anonymised, this truncated IP address is sent to a server in the USA. The full IP address is only transmitted to a server of Google in the USA and truncated there in exceptions. On our behalf, Google will use the information generated by the cookies to analyse your usage of our online offer for the purpose of compiling reports on the usage of the online offer, and to provide further services related to the usage of the online offer and general Internet usage. The (truncated) IP address will not be brought together with other data of Google. In addition to the browser settings mentioned in section "3. Use of cookies - How can I remove cookies?", you can prevent Google from processing your data by downloading and installing the browser plugin available at this link:

Our online offer uses Google AdSense, a web service of Google Inc., USA ("Google"), by which third party advertising ("ads") are placed on our online offer. Therefore we would like to notify you that Google places and reads out cookies in your browser in the course of these ads, and can use so-called web beacons (small, invisible graphics files) for collecting information. The information generated by the cookies and/or web beacons is transferred to a server of Google in the USA and processed there.

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