Find the Enemy event


Find the Enemy event

Black clouds and forest fires loomed over the mainland. The wind rushed madly through the streets and, together with the icy rain, lashed at the windows. Unfortunately, not only the state of nature was depressing, but also the mood of the inhabitants of the continent. What could have happened and caused such a decline?

A terrible event happened recently: villains penetrated into the new city. They destroyed a squad of guards and stole important documents. The raiders did not leave behind any clues and, moreover, traces — they seemed to have disappeared into thin air. Only a few bodies that have expired, and the doors to the secret room are wide open.

The mainland residents are shocked by this news, and the elders have already managed to gather at a round table. Of course, there could be no other way out, except to call for volunteers from among the warriors living in these parts. Therefore, the heads of villages and wise men announced the creation of a special detachment that will go in search of criminals and return the stolen valuables and provisions.

Date of the event: from 16:01 20.08.2021 to 23:59 31.08.2021


Tasks for the event can be obtained from residents in different villages.
Prizes will be awarded for completing tasks

Compensation for players can be found and obtained from one of the residents as well! Valid until 31.08.2021.

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