Event «Fees for study»


Autumn has come, bringing with it a light poetic sadness and a whole heap of new worries; students will again go to assimilate new useful information, and parents will help them in this. However, the first day of September is a holiday, the holiday of the beginning of the school year, the beginning of the withering season, as well as the Day of Knowledge.

Date: from 01.09.2022 to 23:59 on 13.09.2022

1. Going to study

Note: At this stage it is necessary to find and collect icons. Can be found in dungeon and team missions

Date: from 15.09.2022 to 23:59 on 22.09.2022

2. Admission

Pass The Class D Badge​, 100 pcs

Small health potion, 25 pcs
Small chakra potion, 25 pieces
of 15,000 gold

Pass The Class D Badge​, 221 pcs

VIP status for 1 day
500 Valor Points
250 rune dust

Pass The Class D Badge​, 333 pcs

A set of gems of 3 levels
2500 free experience
Level 2 Seed Set

Pass the Class B Badge, 15 pcs

Fortune Stone 4 ur, 5 pcs
Small health potion, 25 pcs
Small chakra potion, 25 pieces

Pass the Class B Badge, 47 pcs

Fortune Stone 6 ur, 3 pcs
Blacksmith's stone, 15 pieces
Coupons, 150

Pass the Class B Badge, 99 pcs

VIP status for 7 days
1000 Feed for a companion
Box with random gem, 1 piece

Pass the Class S Badge, 2 piece

Honor, 50
Health potion, 25 pcs
Chakra potion, 25 pieces
700 moon dust

Pass the Class S Badge, 5 pieces

Star shard, 50 pieces
Good luck stone 8 ur, 3 pcs
1500 Feed for a companion
1000 Valor Points

Pass the Class S Badge, 9 pcs

A set of materials for crafting (50 pieces each)
Vip for 15 days
Fortune Stone 9 ur, 3 pcs
Gem level 5 to choose from


1. Tasks must be accepted in cities
2. Pass = sell
3. Class B Icon can be synthesized from Class C Icon;
4. To synthesize a Class B Badge, a Clan currency is required;
5. The Class S icon can be synthesized from the Class A Icon;
6. Synthesizing a Class S Badge is possible with the help of gold or coupons;
7. When selling Class S Badges, you can get coupons.



Prizes will be awarded within 14 working days after the end of the event.

Unique prizes will be awarded within 30 days after the end of the event.

All prizes can be received only once per account.

Prizes for any goal can be supplemented at the choice of the Administration.

When using the tricks and shortcomings of the event for personal purposes, as well as for the use of bugs, the administration has the right to deprive the violator of all prizes for the event or not to count the items received in such a way!

In case of controversial issues, as well as when bugs are found, the player is obliged to inform the administration (on the forum in the discussion of this event or by letter to technical support). Until the moment of the administration's response, the use of such is prohibited.

The administration can make any changes to the conditions of the event.

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