​On the eve of Halloween


The end of October is a long-awaited time for everyone - after all, when else will there be a chance to show off a scary costume in front of friends or eat enough sweets.

Pumpkin Lottery

Date: from 26.10.2022 to 23:59 02.11.2022

To participate in the lottery, players need to fulfill two simple conditions: find pumpkins + throw pumpkins by guessing a number from 17 to 40.

Every day the number changes. Thus, each player will be able to get up to 7 times for each guessed number on a certain day!

1 random number will be selected every day. The task of the players is to sell a specific number of pumpkins equal to this number. (One sale) All numbers will be published after the end of the event. 

1 day: Coupons, 750 pcs

Day 2: Fortune Stone 9 ur, 5 pcs

Day 3: VIP status for 15 days, 1 piece

Day 4: Gold, 1,000,000 pieces

Day 5: Honor, 350 pieces

Day 6: Companion food, 2500 pcs

Day 7: A box with a random gem, 2 pcs

Final numbers:

In addition, the annual Halloween Lottery is being launched!

Date: from 26.10.2022 to 23:59 09.11.2022

To participate in the Lottery, you need to buy a special Halloween set in the game store: A Large Jack Lantern and a Small Jack Lantern.

With proper luck, you will get Jack's Magic Lantern, opening which, you will get one of Jack's pumpkins!

List and composition of Jack pumpkins:

1. Evil Jack's Pumpkin - 6666 free experience

2. Frightened Jack's Pumpkin - VIP status for 30 days, 1 piece

3. Happy Jack's Pumpkin - A set of materials for crafting (100 pieces each)

4. Flirty Jack's Pumpkin - 6666 Rune Dust

5. Tricky Jack's Pumpkin - Gem to choose from level 5

6. Happy Jack's Pumpkin - 1,000,000 gold

7. Dead Jack's Pumpkin - 666 coupons

8. Crazy Jack's Pumpkin - 666 honors

9. Surprised Jack's Pumpkin - 3 Luck Stones of level 10

The resulting pumpkin must be sold by accepting the appropriate task. Each prize can be received only once.

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