Ninja Wars birthday promotion!


During the promotion, top up your account in the game.

Time of the promotion: From 07/27/2022 to 23:59 on 09/15/2022

Make a payment for 100 coupons

Gold, 15,000 pieces
Light Chakra Potion, 10 pcs
Light Health Potions, 10 pcs

Make a payment for 1000 coupons

Small health potion, 25 pcs
Small chakra potion, 25 pcs
A set of gems of the 1st level
VIP status for 1 day, 1 piece
Rune dust, 250 pcs

Make a payment for 2500 coupons

Valor points, 500 pcs
Average Health potion, 25 pcs
Average chakra potion, 25 pieces
Free experience, 2500 pcs
Golden Arena box, 5 pcs
Companion food, 650 pcs
Fortune Stone 5 ur, 3 pcs

Make a payment for 5000 coupons

Level 5 Seed Kit
Gold, 750000 pieces
Craft material, 12 pieces
VIP status for 7 days, 1 piece
Fortune Stone 6 ur, 3 pcs
Box with random gem, 2 pcs
Arena medals, 1500 pieces
Star shard, 40 pieces
Rune dust, 1500 pcs

Make a payment for 10,000 coupons

Good luck stone 8 ur, 5 pcs
Honor, 450 pcs
Gem level 5 to choose from, 2 pcs
Vip for 15 days, 1 piece
Blacksmith's stone, 40 pieces
Coupons, 1500 pcs
Arena medals, 2500 pieces
Companion food, 2500 pcs
3 Materials for crafting to choose from 250 pieces
Sugar, 36 pcs

Make a payment for 25,000 coupons

Craft materials to choose from
Skin to choose from the list or extension
Vip for 30 days, 1 pc
Fortune Stone 9 ur, 5 pcs
Gem of level 11 to choose from, 1 piece
Honor, 1000 pcs
Sugar, 100 pcs



1. It is necessary to make a payment by one payment for the maximum desired gift.
2. The amount of deposits is not summed up.
3. You can collect several prizes for one deposit.
4. Quests are available in the village of fire.
5. You can choose any crafting materials to create 2 pieces of equipment or medallions.
6. Gold for crafting items is compensated.

Arena ratings

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