Event «Flowers by March 8»


On the eve of the holiday of all women, flower shops put all the most beautiful bouquets on public display. The holiday is coming soon!

Date of the event: from 19:01 07.03.2022 to 23:59 17.03.2022

Collect clovers to get Turquoise Clover from them

Free the Stalactite Cave location from the enemy

Level 8 Agate
Chakra Potion, 18
Health potions, 18
Vip for 1 day, 4 pcs
Free experience, 1028

Free the location of the Great Gorge from the enemy
Level 8 Diamond
Free experience, 1028
Gold, 350000
Coupons, 180

Free the Library location from the enemy
Golden Arena box, 5 pcs
Level 8 Sapphire
Free experience, 1028
Fortune Stone 6 ur, 3 pcs
Star shard, 18 pieces

Collect tulips
Craft material, 5 pieces
Level 8 Topaz
280000 gold
Feed, 400
Arena medals, 400

Give a cake, 80 pieces
Fortune Stone 2 ur, 4 pcs
Blacksmith's stone, 10 pieces
Small chakra potion, 15 pieces
Small health potion, 15 pcs

Give a cake, 280 pieces
128 coupons
Star shard, 10 pieces
Free experience, 3000
Valor points, 1500 pcs

Give a cake 480 pcs and become a top 1
Skin to choose from the list (skin action 1 month)
VIP for 30 days
800 honor
Gem level 8 to choose from, 1 piece
Legendary equipment or medallion to choose from, 1 piece

Give a cake 380 pcs and become a top 2-3
VIP for 15 days, 1 piece
200 honors
Gem level 5 to choose from, 1 piece
Good luck Stone 8 ur, 4 pcs
500 coupons

Give a bouquet of tulips, 8 pieces
Craft material, 8 pieces
VIP for 1 day, 3 pcs
Blacksmith's stone, 28 pieces
1000000 gold
800 arena medals

Give a bouquet of tulips, 28 pcs
Moon dust, 2080
Honor, 100
Feed, 2080
VIP for 7 days, 1 piece
Box with random gem, 2 pcs

Give a bouquet of 228 tulips and become the top 1
Companion Cat or Skin to choose from (valid for 4 months)
Honor, 2500
Gem of the 9th level to choose from, 2 pcs
Good luck stone 8 ur, 8 pcs
Legendary medallion or equipment to choose from, 1 piece

Give a bouquet of 148 tulips and become a top 2-3
Increase the level of a companion by 3 levels
Gem level 7 to choose from, 2 pcs
1500 coupons
VIP for 30 days
Honor, 480
Fortune Stone 7 ur, 8 pcs
Star shard, 80 pieces

Give a bouquet of 48 tulips and become the top 4-7
Gem level 5 to choose from, 2 pcs
800 coupons
VIP for 15 days
Fortune Stone 6 ur, 8 pcs
Honor, 180

1. The cat will be valid for 4 months from the date of issue
2. BBH 11/15/15 to choose from
3. level 60
4. Give = sell
5. Turquoise clover can be synthesized
6. Turquoise clover gem with characteristics
7. Turquoise clover will be valid until 05/31/2022
8. Clover can be found in mines and team missions



Prizes will be awarded within 14 working days after the end of the event.

Unique prizes will be awarded within 30 days after the end of the event.

All prizes can be received only once per account.

Prizes for any goal can be supplemented at the choice of the Administration.

When using the tricks and shortcomings of the event for personal purposes, as well as for the use of bugs, the administration has the right to deprive the violator of all prizes for the event or not to count the items received in such a way!

In case of controversial issues, as well as when bugs are found, the player is obliged to inform the administration (on the forum in the discussion of this event or by letter to technical support). Until the moment of the administration's response, the use of such is prohibited.

The administration can make any changes to the conditions of the event.


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