Event «Country concerns»


Spring continues its victorious march, driving away the last remnants of winter. It's time for country affairs. It's time to go out of town to put your garden in order.

Date of the event: from 14:01 25.04.2022 to 23:59 04.05.2022

Plant a pumpkin of the 2nd level, 17 pieces
Light Health Potion, 15 pcs
Light Chakra Potion, 15 pcs
Topaz level 6, 1 piece
Rune dust, 500 pcs

Plant a pumpkin of the 5th level, 7 pieces
Level 5 uchachi stone, 3 pieces
Free experience, 2500
Craft material, 3 pieces
Vip for 1 day, 1 piece

Plant a sunflower of the 3rd level, 17 pieces
Small Health Potion, 15 pcs
Small Chakra Potion, 15 pieces
Ruby level 6, 1 piece
Valor points, 500 pcs

Plant a sunflower of the 5th level, 7 pieces
Level 6 uchachi Stone, 3 pieces
Feed, 1500
Blacksmith's stone, 10 pieces
Box with random gem, 1 piece

Plant a rose of the 1st level, 7 pieces
Average Health Potion, 15 pieces
Average Chakra Potion, 15 pieces
Level 6 sapphire, 1 piece
Arena medals, 350 pieces

Plant a rose of the 3rd level, 3 pieces
Level 9 Uchachi Stone, 3 pieces
Honor, 200
Star shard, 10 pieces
Vip for 7 days, 1 piece

Donate 25,000 gold to the clan every day
Coupons, 200
Level 7 Uchachi Stone, 3 pieces


1. Plant = buy seeds
2. Additional tasks will be available in game quests



Prizes will be awarded within 14 working days after the end of the event.

Unique prizes will be awarded within 30 days after the end of the event.

All prizes can be received only once per account.

Prizes for any goal can be supplemented at the choice of the Administration.

When using the tricks and shortcomings of the event for personal purposes, as well as for the use of bugs, the administration has the right to deprive the violator of all prizes for the event or not to count the items received in such a way!

In case of controversial issues, as well as when bugs are found, the player is obliged to inform the administration (on the forum in the discussion of this event or by letter to technical support). Until the moment of the administration's response, the use of such is prohibited.

The administration can make any changes to the conditions of the event.

Arena ratings

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