Halloween lotteries.


Soon the border between our world and the other world will thin out!

Pumpkin Lottery.

Date: from 29.10.2023 to 23:59 04.11.2023

To participate in the lottery, players need to fulfill a simple condition: sell pumpkins, guess the number from 13 to 39.

Every day the number changes. Thus, each player will be able to get up to 7 times for each guessed number on a certain day!

1 random number will be selected every day. The task of the players is to sell a specific number of pumpkins equal to this number. (One sale) All numbers will be published after the end of the event.

1 day: Coupons, 1000 pcs

Day 2: Fortune Stone 9 ur, 5 pcs

Day 3: VIP status for 15 days, 1 piece

Day 4: Gold, 1,500,000 pieces

Day 5: Honor, 350 pieces

Day 6: Companion food, 2500 pcs

Day 7: Box with random gem, 2 pcs

The Annual Halloween Lottery!

Date: from 29.10.2023 to 23:59 on 09.11.2023

To participate in the Lottery, you need to buy a special Halloween set in the game store: Jack's Magic Lantern and Jack's Lantern. By opening which, you can get one of Jack's pumpkins!

List and composition of Jack pumpkins:

1. Evil Jack's Pumpkin - 6666 free experience

2. Frightened Jack's Pumpkin - VIP status for 30 days, 1 piece

3. Happy Jack's Pumpkin - A set of materials for crafting (100 pieces each)

4. Flirty Jack's Pumpkin - 6666 Rune Dust

5. Tricky Jack's Pumpkin is a gem to choose from level 5

6. Happy Jack's Pumpkin - 3.000.000 gold

7. Dead Jack's Pumpkin - 666 coupons

8. Crazy Jack's Pumpkin - 666 honors

9. Surprised Jack's Pumpkin - Level 10 Fortune Stone, 3 pieces

10. Jack's Broken Pumpkin

The resulting pumpkin must be sold by accepting the appropriate task. Each prize can be received only once.

Halloween Lottery


1. You can buy lanterns in the store.
2. It is necessary to purchase 10 or more Jack Lanterns
3. It is necessary to purchase 5 or more Magic Jack Lanterns
4. Prizes will be awarded strictly in order within each type of lotto.
5. The replacement or transfer of the prize is not provided.
6. The drawing will be held on 15.11.2023. The results will be published in video format in our official VKontakte group and in text format on the game forum.

Prizes for Jack's Lantern

The first lucky person will receive
3000 coupons

The second lucky person will receive
VIP for 30 days

The third lucky person will receive
10000 companion feed

Prizes for Jack's Magic Lantern

The first lucky person will receive
Skin to choose from

The second lucky person will receive
1500 honors

The third lucky person will receive
Crafting material for 4 choices (300 pieces each)

Every 5 Magic Lanterns and 10 Jack Lanterns sold give the right to participate in the Lotto and increase the chances of winning

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