New Year's Tree event


New Year is a time of magic. Since childhood, we have been waiting for this holiday with impatience. We all remember how we sat on dad's shoulders to decorate a huge live Christmas tree with a star, stole a piece of sausage from mom's kitchen while she turned away, made the most cherished wish under the chimes and quickly ran to look under the tree, what Santa Claus in dad's slippers would give us.

The old New Year is coming! The evil Santa wants to ruin the holiday. Defeat Santa and save the Christmas tree! (Assignment in the village of fire)

Date: from 12/31/2023 to 23:59 13.01.2024

To participate, you must visit the location "New Year's Tree". Where you will meet snowmen and Evil Santa. Take away the Christmas balls that were stolen from them to decorate the Christmas tree!

Tasks of stage I:

Date: from 12/31/2023 to 23:59 on 01/6/2024

Collect blue Christmas balls

Collect golden Christmas balls

Collect silver Christmas balls

Collect green Christmas balls

Collect red Christmas balls

To give a small New Year's gift, 7 pieces

Coupons, 324 pcs
Clan currency, 4024 pieces
Companion food, 1024 pieces
Rune dust, 2024 pieces

Give a big New Year's gift, 3 pieces

Gold, 300024 pieces
Free experience, 2024 pcs
A box with a random gem, 1 piece

Give a big New Year's gift, 7 pieces

Honor, 124 pieces
Clan currency, 10024 pieces
A gem of the 3rd level to choose from
A set of crafting materials, 64 pieces


1. The event takes place in 2 stages.
2. The stages are divided in the second stage, more locations, improved prizes will be available, but also stronger snowmen and the main Santa!
3. Give = buy.
4. From the fragments of the New Year's star in the second stage, you can get a New Year's star.
5. Quests can be obtained in the villages of Fire.
6. The composition of the gifts will be published on the forum in the Event topic.

Tasks of stage II:

Date: from 07.01.2024 to 23:59 on 13.01.2024

Collect orange caramels

Collect grape caramels

Collect strawberry caramels

Collect chocolate caramels

To recapture the Christmas tree


1. The Christmas tree will expand to several territories.
2. The Evil Santa is gaining strength and getting stronger!
3. The Evil Santa and the Dragon will appear at different times.
4. Updated prizes from Santa.
5. Quests can be obtained in the village of Fire.



Prizes will be awarded within 14 working days after the end of the event.

Unique prizes will be awarded within 30 days after the end of the event.

All prizes can be received only once per account.

Prizes for any goal can be supplemented at the choice of the Administration.

When using the tricks and shortcomings of the event for personal purposes, as well as for the use of bugs, the administration has the right to deprive the violator of all prizes for the event or not to count the items received in such a way!

In case of controversial issues, as well as when bugs are found, the player is obliged to inform the administration (on the forum in the discussion of this event or by letter to technical support). Until the moment of the administration's response, the use of such is prohibited.

The administration can make any changes to the conditions of the event.

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