Update 25.01.2018


Dear friends, on January 25th we have performed a scheduled update of the game. The new changes are just below.


1) We have introduced a referral program. Invite friends using a unique code and get great bonuses together! The details of the program will be available soon in the ninja’s guide;

2) Turn points can now be restored;

3) Fixed known bugs.

We also have a new contest “Invite a friend” coming very soon where you will be able to get awesome prizes! Follow our official Vkontakte group and website of the game.

We are going to announce hot updates as well! We can’t wait to get out the improvements for the clan system and new PVP mode. In the coming update new characters and unique appearances will be available to make your characters truly stand out in a crowd.

You can join the discussion of the update on the forum: Update 25.01.2018

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