Update 27.02.2018


Dear players! On February 27th we gave the game a fresh update. We worked hard on optimization, fixed known bugs and added new characters! The game now offers characters skins that will allow you to make your characters truly unique.

Check all the changes to date below.


1) We have added new characters;

2) Unique characters skins have been introduced. You can change the character’s skin by visiting the Elder of the village in the town hall. After an skin change all your character’s current progress is kept, only his or her appearance gets transformed;

3) We have improved the quality of fight animation. Now fights look visually arresting and dynamic;

4) Overall optimization;

5) Fixed known bugs.

New additions and development of current functionality are coming soon. We will add new game modes and events.

You can discuss the new update on our forum: Update 27.02.2018

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