Update 30.12.2017


Happy Holidays and best wishes for the New Year! To celebrate the holiday season, we are getting you a special surprise – a huge update of the game. Check it out.

1) The game now offers new original characters with their unique story and personality. We hope you will take a shine to them;
2) The look of the settlements has been changed. We put in effort to make your strolls across villages with other players more enjoyable.
3) We’ve added a vegetable garden. Take a rest from battles, plant, water and collect harvests;
4) We’ve added companions –loyal allies in battle. Equip, feed and bring up your companion;
5) Now the Arena is updated seasonally. Fight for a unique reward and become one of the best players;
6) The blacksmith’s shop has been updated. Now you are able to create the legendary equipment and also change gear pieces on your armor.
7) The chests of locations now have a new reward – materials for creating equipment;
8) Known errors have been corrected.
9) В The game now offers English localization. You may come across some glitches now and then, but most of the game has already been translated.
Stay tuned for more. We hope you enjoy the game on NinjaWars.ru

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